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There isn't much to say here about this site -- you either know Marvel Comics, or you don't. Especially so, now that the Hollywood movie market is rather saturated with Marvel characters and properties -- Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Avengers, etc. And now, Marvel has entered the digital domain in full force, offering "unlimited" digital comics on your computer or mobile device with a monthly subscription service. Hopefully, this will be some wind in the sails of an industry that's been in hard times for some years now.


5 sites

Fun with Vinyl

Recently, I've fallen madly in love with Prince's music, in all its variations -- stuff he put out himself, or with The Time, or with Vanity 6, or with Apollonia 6, etc. And various places around the internet have helped me fill in a lot of the cracks. This website is one such place -- cataloging a number of singles and promos that are no longer available for commercial consumption, if they were ever released to begin with. Who knows if this material will ever officially see release again, but until that is a reality and not a possibility, I'm happy enough to scour the edges of the net looking for what I can find.

There Are No Kings

The Unheard Music

Hellbent for Pleather

Taco Bell


5 sites


I have no words for this site. It's such an incredibly large, incredibly vast, incredibly broad site -- whatever you're hoping to find here, you will find. It takes some time to navigate and to figure out of the lay-out, but after that it's easy to waste an entire day lost down a thread.

Polyvinyl Records

Three Word Phrase

Butch Walker

Xiu Xiu


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Since I don't have cable, watching television shows online is something I do quite a lot of; well, not a lot, since I don't follow too many shows. But RuPaul's Drag Race has been a show I've been with since the beginning, and it's a show I eagerly anticipate from week to week when it's airing. Monday nights/Tuesday mornings will find me on the Logo website at midnight, continuously hitting "refresh" until the latest episode appears. Any other television show I'm interested in, I can wait a day or two to catch up on. But not this one.






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Spectrum Culture
A pop-culture-centric site, with a pretty heavy Portland presence, Spectrum Culture is a daily visit for me. Not only does the site feature reviews on current albums, bands, movies, books, etc. -- they also have a number of articles/series that focus on certain points in pop culture's past that may need revisiting, as well as articles that follow one certain filmmaker through his or her entire career, beginning to end (or most recent offering, if still alive). It's a website that takes its content seriously, but that's about all.



Newspace Center for Photography



Week 1 Response

What do you see as your weakness behind being creative and what do you think you will need to do to break away from it?

Right now, my biggest weakness when it comes to being creative is never having the time or resources to follow through with an idea. Occasionally, I'll have an idea for a photo project or some sort of art project, but between work and classes, I'm usually too tired to get started with it. Or, it's something that requires more money or other resources than I currently have available to me. Even if I write them down for future reference, when go back over them weeks or months later I've often lost the drive or desire that was there.

To be able to break away from this, I don't know what I'll need. I can't pull time or resources out of thin air, and those are two things I feel are holding me back. However, I do feel that have class assignments or projects handed to me at work helps this somewhat, since it forces me to see something through to completion with minimal time and resources at my disposal. But since that same sense of urgency doesn't drive when I'm outside of school or work, I don't push myself like would in the aforementioned situations.

I don't know what else to write here, since I usually follow the guidelines mentioned in the reading -- I approach things differently, I'm open to new ideas, I try to go outside the rules (or simply bend them, depending), etc. For me, it just comes down to not having enough time or available resources to see my projects through.

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Captain America As long as I've been a fan of comic books, I've been a fan of Captain America, so this logo is one that really stands out to me. Design-wise, it's incredibly simple, flat, and minimalist. But it carries nearly 70 years of comic book history with it, which also gives it some depth and meaning.

Booster Gold

The Avengers

Apple Computers

XBOX 360

5 sites, week 1

A.V. Club
The A.V. Club -- an offshoot of the Onion empire -- is a site made up pop culture news and reviews. It's a site I check multiple times daily, and the site I usually start my day with. It's smart, it's a bit snarky, it's informative; plus, you can often find the writers skimming the outskirts of good taste (and bad taste, for that matter) and pointing out gems that have otherwise gone ignored.



Blogtown PDX


Bringing it back, of a sort

It's been a while since I've been here. Feel odd. But, I'm currently in a class that is requiring a keep a blog for various assignments throughout the coming weeks. Instead of starting a new one somewhere, I figured I'd just revive this one for a while and put it to use. I warn you, if you're looking for something interesting to read, you'll probably want to turn away for the coming weeks. Otherwise, here we go...